Multiple Databases, Filesystem, Documents and much more

Sherlock supports all major DBMS. From IBM DB2 on AS400, MSSQL Server, Oracle, MySql. Just provide read access to the DB and the system scans the entire schema! Configuration simple as it sounds.

Easy to use

Simple usage and show customers the targeted information they need

Modular and scalable licensing

Optimize your budget by paying only for the modules you use. The licensing model provides unlimited use; there is no limit to the amount of files scanned or the number of cards found or the number of servers scanned.

Reduced False positive

The results show the brands of the cards found and false positives are reduced thanks to the formal verification of validity using the Luhn check algorithm

Data Discovery Tool

Sherlock is a data discovery tool focused on PAN detection that helps organizations achieve upcoming PCI DSS v.4 Compliance

Designed and developed by QSA with twenty years of experience in the field

Data Discovery Tool

All major OS are supported and does not require the installation of external prerequisites

Run sherlock on operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS (Darwin)


Support garanteed by a proven PCI QSA Company

We can provide customized solutions based on your organization’s procedures.

Sherlock CLI Demo

Sherlock CLI demo

PCI DSS 4.0 upcoming compliance

Sherlock Card Discovery Tool help your organization comply with the new PCI DSS version 4.0 requirements

Stay compliant with new requirements without introducing complicated error prone procedures or scripts.

Complete FS Scan

It supports multiple formats. Archives included.

The Sherlock engine can scan compressed and nested archives, Office documents and PDFs quickly and without burdening the system. Scan even faster thanks to the resource limitation feature.